Episode Five of "This is Not a Conspiracy Theory" is now live

by Kirby Ferguson

Episode Five of my new series This is Not a Conspiracy Theory is now live! You can watch a preview above and the full series can be purchased here. Episodes One through Five have been released thus far and there is one episode remaining to produce. When you buy the full series, you'll receive Episode Six as soon as it's released. To find out more about This is Not a Conspiracy Theory and watch more clips, head over to the site.

Everything is a Remix: Fair Use

by Kirby Ferguson

How do you copy media legally for the purposes of criticism and commentary? Find out in the new Everything is a Remix! This video was co-written by Jack Lerner.

Got questions about fair use? Send them to me via Twitter or Facebook and we might answer them in a follow-up video.

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Up next from me is Episode Five of my video-on-demand series, This is Not a Conspiracy Theory.

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