Jon Leidecker's Variations

by Kirby in ,

Negativland If you're enjoying Everything is a Remix, you might also like Jon Leidecker's eight-part series Variations, a history of musical sampling. Jon is also known as composer/producer Wobbly.

Be warned, the first few episodes feature some very experimental examples that won't be to everyone's tastes. If you think that's you, start with Part 4, which is when he gets to the likes of Grandmaster Flash, Negativland, and Brian Eno and David Byrne.

VARIATIONS, Curated by Jon Leidecker

#1 Transition (MP3) Show notes (PDF)

#2 The Globe Show notes

#3 The Approach Show notes

#4 The Explosion Show notes

#5 The Discipline Show notes

#6 The Library Show notes

Pictured above: Negativland