Help us choose the next Everything is a Remix video!

by Kirby Ferguson

Wow, the response to the first week of the Kickstarter and the new Everything is a Remix video has been amazing! Thanks so much!!! The video is already a Vimeo Staff Pick and has been featured in Boing Boing, Daring Fireball, Slate, and Filmmaker Magazine, among many, many others. We’re excited to take backer rewards to the printer and get our supporters some awesome t-shirts and get to writing “The Remix Method: Beta Edition.”

Now that we’ve hit the goal, half of every dollar we receive during this Kickstarter goes toward making new free video content (the other half goes to printing the t-shirt and mailing them out). If you pledge to this Kickstarter and want even more than 50% to go towards funding new videos from me, consider adding $5, $10, or $20 to your reward selection. If you want 100% to go towards video production, just click "No thanks, I just want to help the project" when prompted to select a reward.

Proceeds from this Kickstarter help support the time and resources it takes for our two-person operation to produce these videos. For example, the Force Awakens video took seven weeks full-time to research, write, and produce.

If we hit $20,000 we can definitely produce another Everything is a Remix video. But we’re going to aim big and try to hit $50,000. These proceeds would underwrite us for at least four months. That means we can take on fewer clients for the rest of 2016 and have time to produce more free videos.

To get to $50,000 will definitely require some larger backers. So if you're interested in booking me for a talk or becoming an underwriter, please get in touch. Or if you know anyone who might be interested, please forward us to them.

Alright, on to audience participation! We're seeking your input on what to do next. I’ve set up a poll where you can rank ideas for potential videos. This is just info gathering, not a public commitment to anything, but I’m interested to find out what’s most exciting to you guys. Here's your choices.

Everything is a Remix: Kanye An audio-centric investigation into the work of Kanye West. This will be designed first and foremost as an audio piece and the visuals will likely be more restrained and simplified than usual.

Everything is a Remix: Video Games This one will involve considerable crowdsourcing because I’m not a gamer. So I only know the basic premise: I’ll look into remixing in video games.

Everything is a Remix: Blurred Lines The “Blurred Lines” case is the most important copyright suit since the conclusion of the original Remix series. I’ll compare “Blurred Lines” to its inspiration, Marvin Gaye’s “Got To Give It Up,” and also investigate Gaye’s sources.

Not Everything is a Remix This is simple: take the storytelling and reasoning style of Everything is a Remix and use it on a totally different topic. For instance: How do we get ideas? Why are our brains attracted to tabloid headlines? What is the ideology of The 700 Club?

Here’s a link to the poll. It only takes a few seconds to fill out!

A note about the ideas above: these are early concepts and might change radically once I start developing them.

And if you haven't backed yet, you can head over to Kickstarter now!