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by Kirby Ferguson

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We recently posted a poll to gauge our audience's interest in various Remix topics. And what we found out was really interesting! People not only want a new Everything is a Remix video, they want to see me try something totally different. So I'd like to explore that path a bit further. I'm doing another poll with some rough Not Everything is a Remix ideas and I'd like you to rank them.

Violence A personal exploration of violence in our culture and my own relationship with it.

Media Analysis of the 2016 Election This isn’t news or opinion about the election, it would be meta analysis of the media coverage itself.

And lastly, How True Is... I take a look at nonfiction or nonfiction-inspired films, and determine how truthful they are.

Here's the poll where you can rank the topics:

I love both these directions and I'd like to develop both ideas, a new Everything is a Remix video and a Not Everything is a Remix video. To help make this happen we are running a Kickstarter, and if we can hit 20k I can put a new Everything is a Remix into our production pipeline. And if we get above 20k that would be amazing. If we can reach 50k the proceeds would fund production for at least four months and we could get Not Everything is a Remix into the pipeline as well.

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