Everything is a Remix Part 4 Soundtrack

by Kirby in

These two songs are missing from the player above: Plants Inside” by Strangeloop Freeze” by The Kleptones

Here's a list of the songs in case you can't see the Amazon widget.

0:05 “Plants Inside” by Strangeloop 1:00 “Galuchat” by Gui Boratto 2:12 “Freibad” by Hauschka 3:38 “Freeze” by The Kleptones 4:50 “Common Exchange” by Emika 5:32 "My Sweet Lord" by George Harrison 5:40 "He's So Fine" by The Chiffons 5:57 "It Must Be Jesus" by The Southern Tones 6:08 "I Got a Woman" by Ray Charles 6:14 “Gold Digger” by Kanye West 7:08 “Organ Donor” by DJ Shadow 7:55 “Plastic People” by Four Tet 9:03 “Final Count of the Collision…” by Public Enemy 9:45 “Where Have All My Files Gone?” by Rachel’s 10:30 “Water From the Same Source” by Rachel’s