August 2011 status update

by Kirby in

Hi everybody. Research for Part 4 is now complete and I'm in a very busy writing phase. I hope to have a first draft in about a week. My tentative launch date for Part 4 is October 25th.

A few assorted bits of news...

If you'd like to see me and Austin Kleon at SXSW 2012, please take a moment to vote for our panel.

I'll be in Sweden at Media Evolution this week and at the Cusp Conference September 28th and 29th.

For those who emailed about partnerships and collaborations, I've been on the road for a while and haven't started to sort out responses. I'll get to those in September, but please note that I'll only be getting in touch with a select group. A lot of people have emailed, so that means most of you unfortunately won't hear back from me. I very much appreciate everyone's interest and I truly wish I could just use everyone.

See you in September, Kirby